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Crow Wyld – Herbal Teas & Concoctions

We are now offering various herbal teas and concoctions using plants we grow organically, forage, or procure from organic and sustainable sources. You can catch us online or in local markets (we will share our schedule and locations soon!) Be sure to check our Products page for current offerings.

$5 for eggs??

I recently had someone ask me, “why should I buy your eggs over ones from the grocery store that I can get for $2/dozen?” After explaining some differences, she walked away with two dozen eggs from our homestead. First off, I will say that the eggs our ladies produce are graded as Grade AA large… Continue reading $5 for eggs??


I’m not making any resolutions for 2021. I looked back at 2020, and I am just going to keep doing the things that bring me and us joy and positive waves. I am going to stop doing things that don’t. The biggest thing I’ve learned in 2020 is that time is, indeed, precious and unpredictable.… Continue reading 2021.

About Us

Welcome to our homestead. Ours is a unique homestead in that we live with nature versus against it. Our homestead is situated on six acres in the Appalachian foothills of Northwest Georgia. We (Andrew and Shelby Register) along with our dogs and our menagerie of animals call The Preserve at Uppsala our home. We have… Continue reading About Us

2021 Plans

2020 was a challenge for everyone around the world, and it continues to be a challenge as we all face something we’ve never faced before: a worldwide pandemic. Nonetheless, time moves on, and so are we! Our plans for 2021 include the following: Build our home on top of the hill Plant a vegetable garden,… Continue reading 2021 Plans

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