$5 for eggs??

I recently had someone ask me, “why should I buy your eggs over ones from the grocery store that I can get for $2/dozen?”

After explaining some differences, she walked away with two dozen eggs from our homestead.

First off, I will say that the eggs our ladies produce are graded as Grade AA large brown eggs. Eggs are graded based on visual appearance of the shell, the yolk and white, the strength of the shell, and weight of the egg. You can find more in-depth information on egg grading here.

The ladies, or the Hey-Heys as we call them, spend a large majority of their day roaming around a field, digging, scratching, eating grass and other plants, insects and worms. They are kept in their yard if we are doing something, and they go in their coop (“house,” The Mother Cluckin’ Eggship) at night.

A chicken’s diet directly correlates to the eggs they produce. The eggs produced by ours are much better in quality than Store-Bought eggs. Not only that, but they are more nutritious as what they eat and benefit from, so do we.

For a bit more information on the differences, I put together this video.

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