Sawing into the new year…

There wasn’t any rain in the forecast today so we started making the most of it. Besides adding to and turning our compost pile, we started building more raised beds.

The benefit of raised beds is that you can use whatever you want to build them (except treated lumber and some hardwoods.) We opted to use the trunks left from some clearing we did to improve wildlife habitat (more on that in another post later.)

Do logs break down? Yes.

Will they do so quickly? That depends on a few things: type, moisture, heat, location, age, health of tree, etc.

We chose the trunks because we had them on hand, and when they do break down, they will become part of the soil anyways. After some notches and planning, we started our first bed.

We will have several more along the way, but Andrew’s sinuses were congested making him woozy and cloudy. Safety first: no chainsaw work with THAT!

But we’re off to a good start!

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