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About Us

Welcome to our homestead. Ours is a unique homestead in that we live with nature versus against it. Our homestead is situated on six acres in the Appalachian foothills of Northwest Georgia. We (Andrew and Shelby Register) along with our dogs and our menagerie of animals call The Preserve at Uppsala our home. We have worked on and have traveled the United States and have seen the damage traditional agricultural practices have done to the ecosystems in which they exist. The soil is dry and depleted of nutrients to the extent that chemical nutrients have to be applied; livestock is often removed by physical or lethal means; native trees and plants are wiped clear to make room for crops and livestock operations. We decided to step away from the more commercial type of farms and farming methods and focus on methods that would work with nature and the landscape versus against it while also becoming more resilient and self-sufficient.

Some examples of methodology that we use or intend to use include the following:

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