Welcome to The Preserve at Uppsala, a private six acre homestead and wildlife preserve in Northwest Georgia that works with nature, not against it.

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Gardens, Dogs, and Toxicity…

We decided to fence our garden (but not fragment the deer trail!) It wasn’t because of critters in the garden; well, at least not wildlife. Some of our tomato, bean, and pepper plants were destroyed by “country dogs” (dogs with owners and homes but are allowed to roam.) After cleaning up the fifth pile of… Continue reading Gardens, Dogs, and Toxicity…

One goal down for 2021

One of my biggest challenges has been baking bread. I know, some of you are thinking, “what’s so difficult about that?” but it seems even with my scientist brain, all the right, clean tools, the yeast didn’t activate or the kneading was too much (by hand!) I made it a goal in 2021 to be… Continue reading One goal down for 2021

$5 for eggs??

I recently had someone ask me, “why should I buy your eggs over ones from the grocery store that I can get for $2/dozen?” After explaining some differences, she walked away with two dozen eggs from our homestead. First off, I will say that the eggs our ladies produce are graded as Grade AA large… Continue reading $5 for eggs??

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